CANB – Moncton Northeast, also known as the Moncton Northeast Construction Association, established the Building For The Future Fund in 2008. The Fund has seen donations come from primarily the membership of Moncton Northeast which represents firms in the construction industry from Restigouche County in the north to Albert County in the south. Donations are raised through Moncton Northeast’s various networking activities, as well as direct contributions from member-firms.

The Fund was established to assist schools in the region to implement and support vocational programs highlighting the construction trades.  Moncton Northeast has provided funding and supplies to high schools in Campbellton, Dalhousie, Bathurst, Caraquet, Shippagan, Tracadie-Sheila, Néguac, Miramichi, Blackville, Sunny Corner, Doaktown, Rogersville, Saint Louis de Kent, Shediac, Dieppe, Hillsborough and Riverview.

In providing this funding, members of the Fund Committee have met with teachers and administrators to discuss the industry’s concern about the need to expose more students to vocational instruction, especially in construction areas.  They see this as necessary in providing students with career options but also as a basis of a foundational life-skill set.   We have found that in speaking with those in the classroom, the biggest challenge is finding the resources to acquire the consumables needed for class projects.  Moncton Northeast is committed to providing these resources either through a cash grant or by matching a member-firm with a school for an in-kind donation.

Funds are raised almost entirely in-house through surcharges on networking event registrations and an annual silent auction.  Since inception, almost $150,000 has been donated to 32 schools in our region.  Donations are now being accepted for our Annual Auction which will be held during Moncton Northeast’s Christmas Dinner Meeting on December 15.  Cash donations to the Fund are also accepted.